Washington DC Pianist

Looking for an experienced jazz piano player in the Washington, DC area? You’ve come to the right place!

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Piano on 24th

The CDs have arrived and are available for purchase! All CD orders will come with an mp3 version.

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Jazz Duo

Jay and Tessa Frost started performing together in 2008 and continue today as a jazz duo in Washington, DC.

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Last Day To Pre-order Piano on 24th!

Last Day To Pre-order Piano on 24th!


I’m happy to share the news that WE REACHED OUR PRESALE GOAL of $2,400 for Piano on 24th – my new CD! Tessa and I send a heartfelt THANK YOU to the 40 supporters who have backed our Kickstarter campaign thus far.

Also, today is the last day you can make pre-purchases, so if you’re on the hunt for Christmas gifts we invite you to consider the CD for someone else! You can listen to samples and pre-order until midnight tonight ». We’ll send out the CDs by Dec 14th.


Thank you very much and happy holidays!!

NEW SOLO PIANO CD! Coming December

NEW SOLO PIANO CD! Coming December


Announcing a new solo piano album:

“Piano on 24th”

Piano on 24th is an album of solo piano pieces that starts out with joyful, pure, inspirational compositions and segues into colorful tunes with flares of minor themes, flamenco, and rock piano. It is comprised of songs that I wrote this year and others that date as far back as 12 years.

To help get this project to the finish line, Tessa and I put together this Kickstarter campaign which allows you to support us by:

  • pre-purchasing CDs
  • becoming a supporter or producer (with your name listed on CD)
  • contributing any amount!

Here’s what’s happened so far this year:

  • 4 studio sessions
  • resulting in 12 recordings and 1 bonus track
  • 10 songs mixed with sound engineer, 3 to go

Here’s what’s happening by December:

  • finish mixing
  • get the entire album mastered
  • design CD cover
  • decide how many copies to order!

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform, meaning that if we don’t get to $2,400 in the next 24 days, all pledges will be returned. So if you’re thinking about pitching in, now would be an excellent time! We appreciate any amount! (Christmas shopping yet? This makes a great gift too.)

Jay and Tessa


Organ in Pennsylvania (2 of 2)

Organ in Pennsylvania (2 of 2)

As I promised Friday, here’s a recording of the postlude I played in Berwyn, PA last month. It is my organ arrangement of John Tesh’s April Song. I really enjoyed holding that last high note for so long over chords – can’t do that on piano!


Organ in Pennsylvania (1 of 2)

Organ in Pennsylvania (1 of 2)

Tessa and I had the opportunity to provide the music for a Christian Science church in Berwyn, PA last month. How fun to visit and perform as guests!

This church is equipped with an organ, which was another opportunity for me to have an organ performance.

Here is the prelude I played, comprised of organ solo versions of two songs that Tessa and I have published over the two years: Let There Be Light, and O Gentle Presence. Both are settings to poems by Mary Baker Eddy, and sound very nice as instrumentals!

church-of-christ-scientist-berwyn (2)

Piano Album Recording Session #3 of 4

Piano Album Recording Session #3 of 4

Another season, another recording session for my 2015 solo piano album.

It was a pretty hot fall day, even though the summer was technically over. In our 1928 house, this meant that between every few takes we had to cool off by blasting the window air conditioning unit and turning on a cavalry of small fans.

This being the third session of the year, I was glad to note that my targets were more modest (and realistic) in terms of how many songs we were going to get down per day and how long it would take! I’d also come to terms with the fact that at some point, it would be best to just stop for the day. No matter how many times I keep pushing for a good take, after 6 or 7 hours straight the performance quality simply won’t be high enough.

So this session I aimed for a manageable two recordings a day – one high energy piece and one slower, delicate piece.

Day 1 Journal

An interesting thing happened on the energetic piece today (Not A Secret). I’ve attempted this piece in both previous sessions and failed to come away with anything good enough, so in anticipation of today’s session I diligently practiced with a metronome, planning to have it ticking in my ear during the recording. After the first several takes, the sound engineer and I agreed that the metronome was not actually helping! I was rushing and delaying little 8th notes here and there and the piece was missing an overall flow. Removing the metronome immediately fixed the problem. Who’d have known?

Day 2 Journal

Today we started with the slow piece (Selkie Crossing) because I knew there were still several composition decisions to make. It took five hours to make this 6-minute recording, but with helpful input from Chris we got it to a good place. He says it feels like a 4-minute piece, which is good! (You don’t generally want pieces to feel longer than they are :) )

Playing Organ in New York City

Playing Organ in New York City

After picking up a year of organ lessons from the Potomac Organ Institute, I’ve been able to accept organ gigs, which tend to come up from time to time.

Last weekend, I was invited to play organ for a church conference in New York, in the illustrious First Church of Christ, Scientist – across the street from Central Park on 68th.

This is by far the largest organ I’ve performed on, and I did my best to take full advantage of it! There are so many things on an organ that you can’t do on a piano! Looking forward to the next time :)

Washington Nationals Dream Foundation

Washington Nationals Dream Foundation

I had the grand pleasure of playing piano for the Washington Nationals Dream Gala a couple of weeks ago – and what a night it was! Most of the players were there, along with spouses/significant others, several hundred people, and the Presidents! (The huge president heads that you see running around during baseball games.)

There was a silent auction and lots of mingling going on as I played background jazz standards, blues … and Aladin’s “A Whole New World,” requested by pitcher Gio Gonzales.

The Presidents would come by every once in a while, and at one point Teddy hopped up on stage to air jam next to me. Luckily, the moment was captured and tweeted by a journalist :)