Once Upon A Time Shop – Musical

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Once Upon A Time Shop – Musical

I had the pleasure of performing with Bible Stories Theater of Alexandria, VA. The musical was Once Upon A Time Shop, and featured a handful of kids and a couple of adult roles. We performed at the Old Town Theater and my accompaniment was solo piano.

The children portray orphans at a turn-of-the-century clock shop, run by Ms. Winifred Curmudgeon – a stingy woman who is finding herself past her prime with nothing to show for it.

The children discover that one of the clocks – the Grandfather Clock – speaks! He offers the children advice on how to deal with their difficulties and how to love Ms. Curmudgeon.

By the end of the show (running time was about an hour), the kids have learned more about living and loving while Ms. Curmudgeon has let go of what she thought she didn’t have, has a new understanding of God, and has discovered that she should be kind and loving too. Happy ending 🙂

by Jay Frost

Time Is A 4-Letter Word from Once Upon a Time Shop Musical

“Time Is A 4-Letter Word”

Cast and Crew of "Once Upon A Time Shop" in Alexandria, VA

Cast and Crew of “Once Upon A Time Shop” in Alexandria, VA