Jazz Pianist For Hire

Jazz Pianist For Hire

Jay Frost is a jazz pianist for hire in Washington, DC, who has been playing professionally for nearly a decade.

His first public performances (aside from recitals) were for musicals at his high school in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, and for a local retirement community. After starting college in Seattle, Washington, he landed his first weekly piano gig at Seattle Italian Restaurant Pomodoro Ristorante near his dorm.

Partway through college Jay had earned enough money to self-produce an album of original new-age piano compositions titled Save It for a Rainy Day, and in the process gained valuable experience recording, composing, and notating.

Several months later he joined a Seattle rock and roll cover band called 4outta5, with whom he stayed for almost a year and a half. While continually performing at private events and retirement centers, he had a semi-regular gig at Argosy Dinner Cruises during their peak season and began organizing house concerts with his jazz trio, sometimes featuring his then-girlfriend, vocalist Tessa (Bray) Frost.

Over the next couple of years, Jay started being a hired pianist for church services. He also studied with acclaimed jazz pianist Randy Halberstadt and began advancing his jazz skills dramatically.

During this same period, he and Tessa (newlywed at this point) had been performing in church together and writing religious music. In 2012, the Frosts produced an album of original inspirational solos for voice and piano named Soulshine. They also produced sheet music for each tune, which they sell through their website.

Now a jazz pianist at large in Washington, DC, Jay is building his piano practice with weddings, private parties, corporate events, and church services, in addition to teaching new students and continuing to compose and notate from his home studio.

If you’re considering hiring a pianist for any sort of event, please contact Jay or request a performance quote.