Save It For A Rainy Day – 10th Anniversary

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Save It For A Rainy Day – 10th Anniversary

It has already been 10 years to the month since I produced my first CD – a contemporary music album called Save It for a Rainy Day.

Earlier this year I spent a solid two weeks notating sheet music from six of the tracks (something I’ve been wanting to do for a while), and as I announced in March, this solo piano sheet music is now available on Watchfire Music.

Tessa and I have had our inspirational music on Watchfire for a couple of years now, and appreciate very much being one of their music artists. I’m glad to revisit these older pieces, make them accessible to other piano players, and add them to our collection on Watchfire.

I’m working on my second solo piano album, which will hopefully be released this fall. Tessa and I are also continuing to write more vocals solos for ourselves and others to perform at church services, and hope to pull those together on another album by Spring 2016.

In the meantime, have a look at that new contemporary sheet music from Save It for a Rainy Day, which I recorded in 2005 and finally put to sheet music in 2015!