Wedding Music

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Wedding Music

Some brides and grooms know exactly what wedding music they want to have played for their ceremony … and others are focused on the millions of other details that go into planning such an event!

No matter where you are on your wedding music ideas, these suggestions may be helpful. There are certainly many more options, but these are pieces that I often use and they work very well. They aren’t well-known enough to distract or inadvertently hint a theme: just pleasant piano music appropriate for the occasion.

Inspirational/Contemporary Piano Wedding Music

The followings songs are ones that I typically play for wedding preludes and postludes if the soon-to-be-weds don’t have anything specific in mind.

John Tesh

David Lanz

Jim Brickman

Original Pieces


If that isn’t quite what you were looking for, have a look at my list of traditional wedding music and see what you find there!



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