House Concert TOMORROW for NY Singer/Pianist Todd Alsup

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House Concert TOMORROW for NY Singer/Pianist Todd Alsup

Tessa and I are thrilled to be hosting a house concert tomorrow night for a Singer/Songwriter from New York City, Todd Alsup. He’ll be sharing songs from his new album Currency, and hopefully a few pop/R&B covers as well! I’ll be opening with a some jazz and a couple of new age pieces from Piano on 24th.

We have thoroughly enjoyed Todd’s performances at Redeye Grill, across the street from Carnegie Hall in NYC, because of his soulful interpretation of cover songs and amazing vocal technique. (Indeed, we like some of his covers better that the originals!) Todd has residency at Redeye, so if you’re passing through and want to get a great meal with live music in NY, see if he’s playing!

Now back to tomorrow’s house concert. Not only are we cramming the house full of people around the 7′ grand piano, but we’ll be streaming the concert live at You can watch it there on YouTube or right here on this page!

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